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A vintage Chicago condoTestimonials

We hired Jerry to do our inspection of a brand new home in the city. To us the builder had done a beautiful job and we were very impressed with the quality of the work. However, after Jerry opened the circuit breaker panel and found improper wiring and also determined that the air filters could not be removed from the furnace, we realized that a good inspector looks beyond the cosmetic issues and concentrates on making sure the major mechanical systems are in proper working order. We are thankful that any unsafe conditions were discovered and repaired.

J. Wilson-----Chicago,IL

As first time home buyers of a condominium in Chicago we hired Jerry to do our home inspection. He was very good at explaining how to change furnace filters, clean garbage disposers, and maintain all of our mechanical equipment. What was most important was his explanation of the building exterior water repellant system and that the type of product used would have to be serviced every five years to prevent water leaks in the building. With this knowledge we were able to confirm that the condo board had followed the correct steps to make sure this would not be a future problem.

H. Arnett-----Chicago,IL

Our three unit condo building was experiencing severe water leaking during heavy rains. We called in roofing contractors, caulking and window repair contractors and masons and none could agree on what was causing the problems. My realtor suggested calling J. Schiffman & Associates to consult with us and within an hour he had the problems diagnosed and provided us with a choice of contractors to call and bid on the repair work. He personally reviewed the estimates and scope of work to be done to be sure that our problems would be solved. Today we are problem free thanks to his thorough investigation.

S. Munson-----Chicago,IL

The current foreclosure market allowed us to get a great price on a potential new home. However, after having Jerry inspect the vacant home after heavy rains, he discovered problems with the foundation and drainage. The great deal turned out to be not so great. The next place we bought was more expensive, but in the end a better buy.

D. Klein-----Chicago,IL

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